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TruTester Kinesology Tool
TruTester Kinesology Tool

TruTester Kinesology Tool

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Squeeze TT between thumb and index finger as hard as you can, letting the ring slide freely. Use same finger/thumb position each time for accuracy. You may use two fingers on top if you like.

Each test you will make a statement, e.g. “My name is Bill,” and operate as above. Then you’ll say the opposite, “My name is not Bill,”and perform a second test. One statement will always make you go weaker than the other. The statement where you stay strong is the true statement. Use indicator ring for easy reference. Phrase questions as declarations. Say, “Bill is home”,” instead of “Is Bill home?”

TruTester lets you ask about anything or anyone past or present, i.e. “The pyramids were built by aliens,” ”OJ is guilty,” “Jesus walked on water,” “My lost dog is on Elm Street,” “I’m pregnant.” It’s best not to ask questions about the future as theoretically it is not an existing thought field that one can access.

TT accesses Thought Energy of thoughts that have already been created. Like X-rays and radio waves, thought energy is invisible. Your body is in constant contact with this energy and reacts to it by either staying strong or going weak. TT shows when thought energy makes you weak or keeps you strong.

Your body is an impartial judge and what it says is specific to you. If wheat is good for you, TT will show that wheat keeps you strong. If it is bad for someone else, it will show that wheat makes him weak. TT is not affected by wishful thinking because the body is an impartial witness that cannot lie. It doesn’t “think,” it simply knows. It can only react to stimuli. For best results, remain emotionally neutral when testing.

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