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Liquid Bliss "Per Bottle"
Liquid Bliss - Empowered Water

Liquid Bliss "Per Bottle"

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Liquid Bliss - Empowered Water

Liquid Bliss is the ultimate water. It represents the collaboration between Synchronicity and Dr. David Wheeler's M Power Aqua technology. In summary, it is technologically activated, pure artesian water that has been holistically empowered by Master Charles.
Liquid Bliss begins with artesian water from the Cascade Mountains of Oregon. This natural, pristine water is then filtered to insure purity after which it undergoes a technological process to restore it to its natural activated state. The technology, M Power Aqua, duplicates the forces of nature to optimize 1) the way in which the water flows and 2) the vibrational information that the water receives as it flows. The technology can be best described as sacred geometry in motion. The result of the process is to allow the emergence of water micro clusters from their usual, large macro clusters. Furthermore, the micro clusters take the form of a dodecahedron. The dodecahedron micro clusters in Liquid Bliss facilitate passage through cell membranes much more easily than water organized in large molecular clusters. This is the basis for superior hydration from Liquid Bliss.

Once Liquid Bliss is in its activated state, it then goes to Master Charles for his holistic empowerment which takes place in his meditation room where the Blessed Mother regularly appears.

Drinking Liquid Bliss yields optimum cell hydration and offers numerous health benefits including:

• Increased energy
• Removal of cellular toxins
• Reversed cell aging
• Stronger immune system
• Normalized body pH and balanced blood sugar
• Better absorption and utilization of nutrients
• And many others

With Master Charles' empowerment of this remarkable product it truly becomes Liquid Bliss. It is the perfect vehicle for carrying the Master's holistic energetic to every cell of your physical body and every dimension of your multi-dimensional being. The experience of the Master's empowerment is balance, expanded states of holistic awareness, wholeness and the bliss of fulfillment.

Using Liquid Bliss is easy. One simply adds a small amount (i.e. a capful) to clean drinking water of your choice. The activated water immediately super-hydrates the cells of your body. Plus you experience the empowerment of Master Charles every time you drink it. Thus, it is an amazing elixir of multi-dimensional health and well-being and is totally unique to Synchronicity.

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